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 Given Up Video describe
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Given Up video description
posted by Jas, 02/28/08
Mike talks to Rock Sound magazine about LP's 'Given Up' music video. Speaking of Rock Sound, 'Your Mom' reports that the Q&A session with Mike and Chester is in the March issue of the magazine, where they clarify (kinda) that they don't hate each other and Chester also talks about the sentence his stalker got.

''That song is just so raw and punk rock that we wanted a video that was like that,'' the band's co-frontman told us. ''The DIY punk rock answer would be: 'why hire a director?' So the whole band just pitched in ideas. We got together with our friend Mark who films our LP TV episodes and explained our ideas to him and he told us his ideas and it was just like any organic thing you put together with your friends for a You Tube clip. We made it ourselves. I don't know what the budget's going to be but it will be the tenth of a fraction of what a normal video budget would be. It's going to be a fraction.''
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