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 чат с Джо Ханом и Уиллом Ян Ли
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DarthYak says to (12:58):
Alrighty let's get ready to start
DarthYak says to (12:58):
thanks to Joe and Will for joining us today
DarthYak says to (12:58):
Let us know when you're ready to start
darknessovrme says to (12:58):
please remember not to post out of turn
mrhahn1 says to (12:58):
DarthYak says to (12:59):
Ok R and S get your questions ready
Rocker05 says to (12:59):
Wil: what is your best experience working with Joe, and how was it to be a part of this short movie?
Joe: Why did Will get the part? I know he?s a major talent, but what made him special enough for The Seed? Cheers, Christian from Denmark. <:o)
Running_With_Scissors says to LPsReanimation15 (13:00):
Joe, let me just say your music and directing is awesome. How was it like working on the set? Will Yun Lee, How was it like to have Joe as a director? What was the most memorable moment? most embarrassing? (you guys are amazing for making this)
r0ckah0l1c says to (13:00):
Mr. Hahn, would you ever plan to act or star in a film? Have you ever pursued acting before?
roxy324 says to (13:00):
Hi Joe and Will, thanks for being with us! Joe, do you plan on partnering with major production companies for future projects?
DarthYak says to (13:00):
Pause questions
mrhahn1 says to (13:01):
Because Jennifer Garner wasn't available and I need someone with a lot of hair.
mrhahn1 says to (13:01):
It was kind of the right thing at the right time where I had the script, I met Will, we started hanging out and played video games and he fit the part perfectly. Sometimes the stars align.
DarthYak says to (13:02):
Everyone make sure you're comin up with good questions. and wait until the letter at the beginning of your Screen name is called. :)
WillYunLee says to (13:02):
Probably on the bridge scene, it felt like you were with your buddy. He didn't pull any stops, it looked like a big feature, the crew and the cranks and everything. That was probably the bvest day. It is like short hand with your friends,
WillYunLee says to (13:02):
whereas with people you don't know, it'll be like a second language with your friends.
shlee188 says to darknessovrme (13:03):
will —what was it like to work on the set of die another day?
Suzan says to darknessovrme (13:03):
Joe: Do you plan to spend more time directing in the future or are you mostly going to stick to being a musician?
DarthYak says to (13:03):
T U and V get your questions ready
mrhahn1 says to (13:04):
It was fun.
DarthYak says to (13:04):
T U and V Go!
tinkerbella25 says to (13:04):
Hi it's Clarissa, Joe although you do alot of directing, do you plan on doing any acting? And Will do you plan on directing or writing any films soon? Thanks
Tiff07 says to (13:04):
Joe, can you tell us more about the filming of the «Leave Out All The Rest» music video, and perhaps a possible estimated release date?
mrhahn1 says to (13:05):
I tried to be creative as possible and do as much stuff in life that involves creativity. It's very similar to painting where you're telling a story within a picture, and directing is very similar to that but you're doing it in motion.
taboo17 says to (13:05):
do u plan to realese soundtrack of «The Seed», because the music was really great :)
WillYunLee says to (13:05):
For me as an actor, it's such a selfish craft in that you spend so much time by yourself working out things, you get on set and you shoot it and go home. Whereas with Joe, you can go watch how he edits it, puts the music to it, just different facts that
WillYunLee says to (13:05):
I wish I could do.
DarthYak says to (13:05):
Pause questions
DarthYak says to (13:06):
Remember to wait until your letter is called before sending a question
mrhahn1 says to (13:06):
I think I would be good as the next Superman.
jasminetx1 says to (13:06):
Hi mods :) I'm on AIM «MachineShopJean» lemme know how we are going to do this. :)
mrhahn1 says to (13:06):
I would because actors get paid a lot of money.
mrhahn1 says to (13:07):
I was actually in another short film called Little Pony. It's a Christmas film shot in black & white, and I play a Japanese fighter pilot.
DarthYak says to (13:07):
T U V if you haven't already submitted a question do so now. :)
VENGEANCEx6661 says to (13:08):
joe, will, do you have any funny stories from filming?
mrhahn1 says to (13:08):
Yes. I'm accepting offers at the moment.
WillYunLee says to (13:08):
Not soon. Maybe one day. There's just so much to learn.
DarthYak says to (13:09):
W X Y and names not beginning with letters go
LPHybrid says to (13:09):
passing on a message.... RifRaf / Ron says «what up Joe!» *goes back to work*
Whitecronik4242 says to (13:09):
Hey Joe, the name is Kyle. Quick questions. Where did you get the idea for The Seed? And how long did it take to shoot? And Will? How was working with the mastermind Mr. Joe Hanh?:S
mrhahn1 says to (13:09):
It's Linkin Park in space. And space is a place. That video is gonna be out of this world. We're reaching for the stars on this one. On this one, we're trying to reach out beyond our audience to more of universal feel.
XxbrokenangelxX says to (13:10):
Hey Lee!Hey Joe!my question..joe As a director,are there any actors u wud love to work with?if yes,who and why?same way lee what directors are u dying to work with..thanks!love from india!
WillYunLee says to (13:10):
I almost died from a fight, we were recording lines in a more quiet area so we could use it for the film. It was me and 3 sound people. We had a giant microphone about eight feet high, and two druggies came up in a truck who thought we were cops taping
WillYunLee says to (13:11):
them doing drugs. One guy looks like he's about to pull out a gun, and we just got in the van and left.
xBrazilianChickx says to Lupi (13:11):
wuuu J0e! thnx for stopping by,dude did u ever think of making a linkin park film or movie or doing a reality show? love from Puerto Rico [Tami]
DarthYak says to (13:12):
pause questions
mrhahn1 says to (13:12):
It doesn't get any better than working with Will. He's the total package. If you want to reference why, look at People magazine. He's what you would call Hollywood Hunk.
WillYunLee says to (13:13):
There's so many people out there, but I think now it's more about trying to get away from the action and go back to some of the stuff I started with a way back. This was good because I got to do character driven stuff and I got to fight.
mrhahn1 says to (13:14):
We have a reality show called LPTV directed by Mark Fiore. i'm still trying to figure out the movie thing.
DarthYak says to (13:14):
W X Y and Z and names beginning with something other than a letter submit a questin if you have not alreayd done so
DarthYak says to (13:15):
A B and C questions for will and joe. :)
Coolhand95 says to (13:16):
joe,will this is for both of u will what was the worst sceen on the seed? and ur fav? joe how was it like make a short movie? can u tell us when the new ablum is to come out?and a possible time for a new video? and ty.
BlackChester says to (13:16):
Hey it's Thomas asking, Joe, if you could choose just one profession which one it will be? — movie-director or DJ of LP? Will...Are there any movies planned for the near future?? best greetz from
AnaDuck says to (13:17):
To Joe: Isn't it hard to direct videos in which your band mates are acting in? Don't you have any difficulties telling your friends what they should do?
To Will: As I am a huge CSI fan. What was it like to participte such a succesful series like CSI?
chazy84 says to (13:17):
Joe and Will, in the futur, do you want to work together again ?
mrhahn1 says to (13:17):
It wasn't anything difficult except staying on schedule and getting the shots in time. Strategically, it was fun to shoot.
WillYunLee says to (13:17):
I think it was just the fights. We had to do the fights with the guys and without the guy. And multiple camera angles. That short fight was all day. I must've done it 60 times.
mrhahn1 says to (13:17):
Will knocked out one of the guys.
WillYunLee says to (13:18):
That guy was one of my tae kwon do idols growing up. I bragfged to one of my friends, «I knocked out an Olympic medalist» even though he let me do it
WillYunLee says to (13:19):
That's the requisite to come to LA. If you feel like you have something else you can do, then don't do acting because it's one of the hardest things to do.
mrhahn1 says to (13:19):
I'd be working for the LPU.
DarthYak says to (13:19):
D E F get your questions ready
WillYunLee says to (13:20):
I worked with the director before so it was a lot of fun. I think television is so fast that it's not as glamorous as it looks to be making it.
chic0junit says to mrhahn1 (13:20):
Hey Joe...which would be more rewarding. A grammy award or an oscar do you think? I know it's tough! You're amazing by the way! you too Will!!
mrhahn1 says to (13:21):
The difficulty is having them listen, but usually when there's people around, then they get their act together.
mrhahn1 says to (13:21):
WillYunLee says to (13:21):
We're doing Pokemon.
DarthYak says to (13:21):
DE and F GO. :)
WillYunLee says to (13:21):
There are things that we've been talking about, so maybe one day. I keep rapping for Mike Shinoda, trying to get into Fort Minor.
mrhahn1 says to (13:22):
I can't even get in. Actually I was in, he kicked me out.
Fanlinkinpark02 says to (13:22):
Will you make your film in other languages?
DarthYak says to (13:23):
Goona says to (13:23):
joe, just imagine a time after lp. would you like to direct bigger hollywood productions or are you better of doing small things?
HeartlessAngel says to (13:23):
Mr. Hahn — Do you have any tips for someone looking to get into the film/directorial business? And Will — What made you decide to become an actor, and when? Thanks so much!
I_died_in_my_dreams says to (13:23):
hey joe :) how did you get into film industry/directing? did you start as something «small» like production assistant or what else was your first job in this business?
mrhahn1 says to (13:24):
I want to do a big Hollywood production. I'd like to make a long short.
Jay_Sensei says to nikkin32 (13:24):
hi joe, you are my fave LP member and i was wondering, wat is your favorite LP vi that you directed
Grandma_Georgina says to (13:24):
Joe, did anything go wrong while you were editing or filming «The Seed?» Also, did the movie turn out the way you expected it to? If not, how is it different?
mrhahn1 says to (13:25):
I might do a film in Korean. Korean is the language of God.
mrhahn1 says to (13:26):
My favorite video is probably «From The Inside» 'cause it's cool. It was fun to shoot and fun to watch.
DarthYak says to (13:26):
let's add JK AND L to the mix
JNuts says (13:26):
Joe, are there any filming techniques that you learned/developed while filming The Seed that you have applied or will apply to LP music vids, and vice versa? Also, what is your favorite flavor of pop tarts? —JNudda,
jannevr says to Lvix (13:26):
Hey Joe, what editing tools do you use? And any advice for a future filmmaker?
Jack says to AnaDuck (13:26):
Joe: what's the hardest LP video you had to direct (Besides B.T.H.)? Also, thankyou for the M&G At Charlotte duing PR '07! ....... Will: Do you have any ideas of probably workin on another project like this with Joe anytime soon? Thankyou Guys!!
LPwithyou says to (13:27):
joe, where did you take the ideas for this short film?????and how have you both been on the set??? was it funny????
everythingfromtheinside !
mrhahn1 says to (13:27):
The original film was too long. It got kind of boring, so I went back and recut the whole thing and it made sense just as well, and it was actually a lot more efficient and more emotional.
DarthYak says to (13:28):
Anyone have a few questions just for will? show the boy some love. ;)
mrhahn1 says to (13:28):
Yes. I'm not the kind of guy that has too many expectations.
ChesterzMuse says to (13:28):
What is the hardest stunt you have ever had to do, Will?
shinodpark says to (13:28):
will, If you could be the star of ANY film, instead of the existing actor, which film would it be ? :]
Goona says to (13:29):
will, what kind of character would you love to play, which suits you best?
WillYunLee says to (13:29):
It was a lot better than what I thought it was going to be. To hear an idea about a homeless guy doing some kinda technology.... it was tough to envision.
mrhahn1 says to (13:30):
I use tape and scissors. We get to print and physically look at the film and then cut the film, tape it, and run it through the machine and work it out that way.
mrhahn1 says to (13:30):
No downtime for me on set.
WillYunLee says to (13:31):
It was like guerrilla filmmaking on what felt like a big movie with a lot of money.
DarthYak says to (13:31):
L and M go
WillYunLee says to (13:31):
It was on Skid Row. It was not a good place.
moniku says to (13:31):
Joe: Is there something in particular that you've always wanted to try that hasn't been done in the film industry before? Will: Would you ever consider doing voice acting one day?
MikaNeko says to (13:31):
joe i love shadow of the day video in director version. why did you cut from it scene with bomb? are you afraid charge of propagate terrorism? btw thanks for skull what you drew for me on M&G in Poland. I hope you with LP back to my country soon ;)
mrhahn1 says to (13:32):
I invented a thing called Joe Vision, but it was something that I've been workng on for a while, and I got to use it on the shoot. i've been using it for the music videos ever since, but sometimes Mike vision gets in the way.
migasPT says to (13:32):
Hahn: i there (}) looking back to your career
with linkin park and this new artistic direction, what do you think is more gratificating to you? doing music with LP or directing movies? Will: Please convince Joe into making a sequel to the seed with you ^^
WillYunLee says to (13:32):
Rocky 7.
WillYunLee says to (13:32):
Any Scorsese film.
linkinraf10 says to (13:33):
Joe : You have done special effects in movies before, is it easier to be dirrecting a movie after that ? And thanx for coming to Qu?bec city this summer, that's awesome !!!
WillYunLee says to (13:33):
The first six years that I came to LA, I purposely stayed away from martial arts and any other kind of action. Recently in the last couple of years I did action movies, but I want to go back to movies you see at Sundance, very character driven pieces.
WillYunLee says to (13:34):
And maybe one day a romantic comedy with Joe Hahn. Directed by Joe Hahn.
LP4ever57 says to (13:34):
Joe : I wonder if you have some movie ideas related with LP in the future? I saw the movie U2 3D and I was wondering if LP 3D can be produced in the future? :)
mrhahn1 says to (13:34):
A comedy with Meg Ryan. Or Jessica Simpson.
DarthYak says to (13:35):
«And maybe one day a romantic comedy with Joe Hahn» I thought you ment staring with joe hahn. now that would be interesting
mrhahn1 says to (13:35):
one thing that hasn't been done yet is Joe Hahn directing a 200 million dollar feature length blockbuster. It's something that really needs to happen. I'm in no control of that, so if any of you kids have rich parents, then let's get to it.
DarthYak says to (13:35):
N O and P
mrhahn1 says to (13:35):
Then I can really use Joe Vision.
linkingabo says to darknessovrme (13:35):
Mr.Hahn, your next film will be again a mini-film or you will do a longer? btw what do you think about the fan-made remixes?
WillYunLee says to (13:35):
I tried once for a Disney film audition, and I think they should stop sending me on them because it wasn't very good.
Managuay says to (13:36):
hey Joe and Will Yun Lee! how are you guys? Well.. What do you guys think about the movie.. about the critics and all that stuff? Do you guys think the movie is gonna be acceptable for everyone who will see it?
WillYunLee says to (13:36):
Hardest stunt — probably just fighting Jennifer Garner. I didn't want to be the one to send the 10 million dollar girl to the hospital.
mrhahn1 says to (13:38):
DarthYak says to (13:38):
*pullls letters out of a hat* J V and R
DarthYak says to (13:38):
darknessovrme says to (13:38):
LPHybrid says to DarthYak (13:38):
«hi» from AnVanoppens
Ringo says to (13:38):
Joe do you know something about next LP video, for example like a «Frat Party at the Penkake festival»? Maybe you would direct second part of it ;)?
roxy324 says to (13:39):
will how difficult is it to find movies that AREN'T for roles stereotyping Asian characters?
NoFace says to (13:39):
Oh well, I just wanna say Hi to Joe and Yun Lee. You guys are amazing
r0ckah0l1c says to (13:39):
Joe, Would you ever work with mike to create an anime film?
JNuts says (13:39):
Sup again Joe. Do you plan/hope to do another animated LP music video? And anyhing new from Suru coming soon? — JNudda
Yukiru says to JNuts (private) (13:40):
finally a suru question:)
JNuts says to Yukiru (private) (13:40):
Yukiru says to JNuts (private) (13:41):
joe n will didnt answer mine..
STINGER_LP says to (13:41):
Will. Have you ever starring in a such small film? and in such role? Joe, have you ever collaborate with someone famous director? or with whom you'd like to work?
JNuts says to Yukiru (private) (13:41):
yeah, mike didnt answer me last time
WillYunLee says to (13:41):
I think it's harder for Asian males and that's always the fight. It's finding those roles and trying to pay your bills. You come here and 98% of the roles want you to kick or fight. It's a bigger fight getting a role that was written for another race
WillYunLee says to (13:41):
and those are the jobs that we hope to get.
jasminetx1 says to (13:41):
Joe and Will are still here answereing questions. If you have questions ABOUT the chat please send me a PM. Thanks :)
Yukiru says to JNuts (private) (13:42):
he didnt? it wasnt my turn last time
is only stayed up till 5 in the morning bcos a friend asked me to xD
BearSnugsFox says to xmissmonax (13:42):
Hi Joe and Yun Lee. Just wanna say that you guys are amzing and your film kicks ass. Love from Vietnam!
JNuts says to Yukiru (private) (13:42):
which was the first time that i got to ask a question in an LPU chat
ChesterzMuse says to (13:42):
Joe: Are the storylines of LP videos based off of the same things that inspired the lyrics, or are your creations just whatever happens to inspire you? — Jessica
JNuts says to Yukiru (private) (13:42):
Yukiru says to JNuts (private) (13:42):
mine was brad..n he answered my question:)
mrhahn1 says to (13:42):
No plans. I wouldn't mind doing one, but when they usually tell us to do videos, they want it in one month. You can't do a good one in 1 month.
mrhahn1 says to (13:43):
We have an art show on Saturday, with Dez Einswell. We're having a big party.
Yukiru says to JNuts (private) (13:43):
are normal ppl allowed at the art shows anyway?
mrhahn1 says to (13:44):
I don't write the lyrics, so they're more from me. I think it's good because the singers get attached to the things that inspire their lyrics. But there's two singers so there's common ground so it works. I can take a visual aspect out of that that will
mrhahn1 says to (13:45):
make it more meaningful.
DarthYak says to (13:45):
Will ya need mroe questions?
mrhahn1 says to (13:46):
Thanks to the LPU for your support. We had much fun on this chat today. it was enjoyable working with Will on The Seed, as well as chatting with him today on this chat.
JNuts says (13:46):
Back for the third time...Joe, are there plans to release The Seed on DVD? And will, how often do you work out?
DarthYak says to (13:46):
thanks for joining us
xmissmonax says to WillYunLee (13:46):
darknessovrme says to (13:46):
thanks for stopping by the seed is great
LPHybrid says to (13:46):
Thanks for stopping by Joe and Will
darknessovrme says to (13:46):
truely it is
LPHybrid says to (13:46):
take care :)
LPHybrid says to (13:47):
all the chat says hi, thank you and bye
mrhahn1 says to (13:47):
Check out my store, SURU. 7662 Melrose. D Styles will be DJing.
WillYunLee says to (13:47):
Thanks for letting me be on LPU and for supporting The Seed.

La curiosidad mato al gato.
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